Supporting our Local Community

For many years, since the Long Bridge over the River Taw was taken into government ownership, the Bridge Trust in Barnstaple has been able to make grants to organisations and individuals within its ‘area of benefit’ (within 5 five miles of Barnstaple Guildhall). In the six years from 2012 to 2017 alone, these grants totalled in excess of half a million pounds.

The Trust derives its income from its four listed heritage properties and, in recent years, it has become apparent that significant investment needs to be made if these properties are to continue to provide an income sufficient for their maintenance and to enable the Trust to make grants in the future.

In 2017 the Trust reduced the amount it was able to make available for grants and in 2018 the decision was reluctantly taken that no general grants could be made. It is now clear that the level of investment required means that no general grants will be made in 2019 and perhaps for several years to come. However, investment now will hopefully mean that we can return to making grants in future years.

In the meantime, the Trust will continue to make small grants (up to £400) from its Samaritan Fund See below.

When the Trust is once more in a position to make general grants we will try to make this widely known through the press and our website; new applications will be required for future grants.

Samaritan Grants

The Trust will consider applications from organisations and other bodies to assist specific individuals within the area of benefit who are ‘deserving and in need’, grants are usually no more than 200 pounds (or sometimes up to 400 pounds) and are usually to assist individuals with the purchase of furnishings or domestic appliances. Grants are normally only paid to the organisation supporting the application or directly to a supplier.


Applications for Samaritan Grants can be made at any time.

There is no application form for Samaritan Grants.  Applications should be made in writing to the Chamberlain at the Bridge Trust office containing as much information as possible.